Strategic Planning and Governance Advice

Non-government schools and education related organisations operate within an ever changing landscape. Boards and Councils perform a pivotal function in navigating these changes and when cohesion is demonstrated, they provide a solid platform for the effective and successful operation of their schools/entities. Research demonstrates that if Boards and Councils are to become a key source of improvement and hence student/organisational achievement, their processes need to be robust. The basis for ensuring stronger and more effective Board/Council impact is rigorous reflection over time. Through regular, scheduled forums of review focused on shared and strategic decision making, cohesion of the whole school community or organisation is made possible.

Lyngcoln Consulting has extensive experience working with Boards and School Councils. Combined with our team of experienced Associates, we have reported to Boards, functioned as Board/Council members and been leaders in school/organisation decision making. We understand the operation, requirements, function and value of Boards and Councils, and how their efficiency and effectiveness in these domains ensures viability and sustainability.

Our approach

Our process is client centric. On commencement we engage via relevant one on one and group settings and liaise with you to identify your needs and articulate your desired outcomes. We work to create an action plan for Board/Council review, complete with specified initiatives and timeframes. We aim to explore, evaluate and make recommendations in a range of areas including:

  • Clarity of objectives, functions and powers of Boards and Councils
  • Strategic clarity and cohesion
  • The key responsibilities and accountabilities of Boards and Councils
  • Planning, policy making, risk assessment and reporting processes
  • Quality of meetings, conversations and consensus building processes – ‘the Board dynamic’
  • Effectiveness of meetings in key areas of strategy, policy development, risk and leadership review
  • Mechanisms for communication and information sharing

As a result of our experience we bring a solid contextual understanding of the fundamental factors required to make Boards and School Councils successful. Through our process we strive to make recommendations appropriate to your unique environment, taking into account your culture, values, traditions and future intent.

Our track record

  • Since 2009, we have provided services to Boards of non-government schools and education related organisations in the areas of Board structure, policy and governance (including the provision of Governance and Policy Compliance Packages in partnership with leading Australian law firm Clayton Utz) , strategy, risk and Board/Principal relationships including contractual relationships
  • The advice we have given has been instrumental in improving Board performance and focussed our clients on their strategic intent, monitoring of operational issues, educational or market offer and the student learning/member service or staff/stakeholder experience
  • We have directly contributed to the development of a range of templates for Board application in managing its agenda, Principal/Chief Executive reports to the Board and reference frameworks for governance and recruitment of staff
  • We have facilitated a range of onsite and offsite sessions with Boards to explore institutional knowledge, to review governance considerations, to assess and re-develop strategic plans and conduct organisational analysis


Our points of difference

  • Lyngcoln Consulting has over 30 years of extensive, in depth and first-hand knowledge of leadership , management and consulting in the non-government education sector and related organisations
  • We have an intimate understanding of the contemporary issues that Boards and School Councils face, and thus our recommendations for change are made with specialised expertise and integrity
  • With access to a network of highly experienced experts, we are able to provide targeted recommendations based on prior experience and an understanding of industry best practice