Organisational, Structural and Functional Reviews

A modern school must be able to respond appropriately and in a timely manner to its ever changing environment. Clear goals must be set at Board and operational level, translated into meaningful actions, with expectations defined and achievement measured periodically. Regular evaluation of individual and school/organisation performance is necessary to ensure you remain competitive, aligned to your strategy and vision, and above all, create value for your school community.

The competitive non-government education sector calls for a constant commitment to improvement in all aspects of school performance. This particularly relates to Boards/Councils and senior management teams as led by the Principal or Chief Executive. Lyngcoln Consulting has been working with a range of non- government schools and education related organisations to ensure that they are best structured to enable achievement of their strategic objectives as well as aligned operationally and organised effectively with appropriate capability and resources to achieve those objectives.

Our approach

Initially we review a range of areas including:

  • Strategic direction and coherence
  • Management understanding of strategy
  • Documentation review including policy, position descriptions and marketing materials
  • Process review including risk, compliance and staff appraisal
  • Roles of individuals and groups including interviews to identify staff understandings of interdependencies and consistency with policy
  • Data analysis of key operational and financial information

As a result of this we present recommendations for change aligning staff and other resources with strategy, increasing productivity and enhancing individual and team effectiveness. This may include refinements in structure, reporting and capability development. We recognise that each school is unique and we work to develop practical and workable solutions for your needs. Our recommendations take into account your culture, values and ethos.

Our work explores many aspects that contribute to success including but not limited to:

  • Tradition, culture, values and ethos
  • Community, clients and stakeholders
  • Strategic intent
  • Educational offer and learning experience
  • Quality of teachers and professional staff
  • Appraisal, professional development and performance management of staff
  • Pastoral care and well being
  • School/Organisation infrastructure
  • Sustainability of your offer and the competitive dynamics of your market

Our track record

To date, we have been contracted to:

  • Provide services to a range of non-government schools and education related organisations in the areas of situational analysis, operational structure, operations policy, performance management and school expansion/re-development
  • Work for clients since January 2011 involving multiple assignments relating to Board/Council structure and function, organisational reviews, school effectiveness and leadership and training
  • Specifically assist our clients to restructure leadership teams, identify cost efficiencies, reorganise existing staff for greater effectiveness, and to focus on sustainability (from a structural and operational point of view)
  • Conduct both onsite and offsite strategy sessions, workshops and retreats with leadership teams including Principals and Board members to undertake functional and strategic reviews
  • Advise on a range of issues including school expectations of staff, confirming school core priorities and focus, reviewing organisational alignment with work to be done, developing criteria against which to measure performance and articulating the next stages of consultation required to ensure success
  • Assist our clients to develop strategic and operational plans and outline communications strategies for launching the plan across key stakeholder groups
  • Develop templates for the development, tracking and reporting of strategic plan implementation and organisation restructures

Our points of difference

  • We bring to you over 30 years of experience as prior educational leaders, with specific expertise in organisational, structural and functional reviews in non-government schools and education related organisations
  • We provide an experienced team of educational specialists and business professionals – the synergy creates a comprehensive and methodical approach to the reviews we undertake
  • We access the expert opinion of some of Australia’s leading educators in developing and benchmarking our recommendations for clients