Mentoring New and Current Education Leaders

Mentoring is a rigorous and highly confidential process that is tailored to enable individuals to set and realise their professional and personal goals in line with organisational needs and priorities.

Our mentoring service is a valuable program that has been designed to address the increasing complexity and diversity of the role of the educational leader in the non-government education sector. Lyngcoln Consulting offers a dedicated mentoring service for:

  • Current Principals/Heads and Executive/Leadership team members
  • New Principals/Heads and Executive/Leadership team members
  • New Board Chairs/members

We work with experienced senior leaders in the categories above who are seeking to increase their leadership and management effectiveness. Our service provides a ‘space’ in which highly experienced individuals can consider future pathways in their career. In the instance of new appointments we work to ensure that individuals are appropriately welcomed into the School, assisted to establish themselves in the School community and supported to perform at the highest possible level.

Our service is delivered by our Associates who are experienced education leaders and executive coaching practitioners. We carefully profile candidate needs, identify a mentor and “craft” the initial relationship, based on a clear understanding with the Board and/or Principal/Head of the needs and nature of the individual being mentored. The scope of the program may include areas such as strategy development, staff leadership and management, stakeholder engagement, work/life balance and personal development.

Our approach

We believe that expectation management is the cornerstone of this service offering. The mentoring program follows a formal and informal process for a period of six months up to two years and includes “face to face” meetings and telephone and email contact as required.

All of our assignments commence with a comprehensive briefing process to clarify key areas for mentoring, discussion about the style and nature of mentoring, the schedule of engagement with the individual being mentored and agreement on feedback cycles to be enacted with you as the client. We also engage closely with the individual being mentored to identify any specific concerns and clarify areas where further support may be needed. These are then integrated to form a tailored mentoring program that aligns the individual and organisational needs.

Our track record

  • We have mentored Boards, Board members, Principals/Heads and Deputy Principals, all with a range of experience. We have completed assignments in the past 4 years in schools and education related organisations based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and
  • We offer professional, mature mentors who have a proven track record of mentoring in the non- government education sector
  • Our clients regularly provide feedback that we have enhanced their leaders’ ability to:
    • connect with their communities, to focus on the strategic intent of their school and to find ways to enhance the educational offering and learning experience for the School’s students
    • engage more effectively and strategically with members and other stakeholders of the School
    • motivate, engage and develop staff

Our points of difference

  • We have access to a number of recently retired, experienced and successful Principals/Heads who are available to mentor your leadership team members
  • Our mentoring program is informed and underpinned by our intimate knowledge of the education sector and understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of education leadership and management; we have a unique appreciation for the context, challenges, culture and traditions within the education sector
  • Our primary mentor assigned to you is supported by other experienced Associates of the Lyngcoln Consulting team; together we bring to you premium sector knowledge and a recognised best practice approach