Leadership Performance and Issues Management

The quality and effectiveness of senior staff is one of the most important determinants of a successful school. Over time, the vital role of Boards in monitoring the performance of the Principal/Head has been illuminated and is now often reflected in targets or goals set for the Principal/Head by the Board. It may also be underlined by way of professional development opportunities for the Principal/Head facilitated by the Board.

In a similar way the Principal/Head has a key responsibility in supporting the development of key talent and building the capacity of senior staff. In modern schools this work is usually a reflection of precise Position Descriptions and agreed performance criteria. It would be accepted that the Principal/Head would report from time to time to the Board on this critical building of capacity.

The effective management of issues also plays a pivotal role in the successful pursuit of school goals and is vital in promoting a positive working culture. Highly competent staff who are able to initiate and lead constructive approaches to issues resolution are an extremely valuable asset.

Lyngcoln Consulting has extensive experience working with Boards, Principals/Heads and senior leadership teams in the area of leadership performance, development and issues management including Performance Appraisals and Performance Appraisal Reports.

Our approach

Our approach to leadership performance and development is grounded in a deep understanding of the opportunities, challenges and complexities of the education sector along with knowledge of approaches within contemporary commercial and corporate environments. The focus on leadership performance includes facilitation and advisory strategies to address key issues of capacity and contribution. We bring a business focused approach to the development of leadership using a range of coaching, facilitation and advisory strategies to address key issues of leadership development and performance.

We initiate a process with you, the client, to understand your context, your specific needs and your desired outcomes within preferred timelines for the individual(s) and the team. In most situations we will request a range of documentation including Position Descriptions, Key Performance Indicators, strategic imperatives and relevant contracts and agreements.  If you wish, we will seek legal advice on your behalf.

In our work to date we have supported Boards and Principals/Heads to identify and implement strategies which can be used to deal with challenging staff situations while maintaining a healthy school climate. The approach that we design provides our clients with a framework and approach to effectively manage such performance needs in the future.

Our approach to issues management involves initial engagement with relevant individuals or teams to clearly identify key concerns, clarification of attempts at resolution to date and options for desired outcomes. Once agreed courses of action have been clarified these are articulated, validated and shared. Our involvement in the resolution of the issue(s) is usually advisory but can, and has, involved objective conversations with key senior staff.

We have also assisted Principals/Heads and other senior teams/leaders to identify and implement strategies to improve their leadership. Our approach provides our clients with a framework to effectively monitor, manage and evaluate leadership development which maximises the total leadership contribution to the School.

Our track record

  • We have completed a number of Performance Appraisals of varying styles for Principals
  • We have experience in evaluating individual leadership performance against the AITSL Principal standards, Teacher standards and other relevant frameworks and tools
  • Lyngcoln Consulting has been involved in leadership style assessments – these are designed to measure leadership effectiveness and ensure leaders are able to provide positive, proactive ways for staff to share and resolve issues and concerns
  • We have clarified expectations of senior staff members and assisted our clients to develop processes to more effectively monitor and evaluate senior staff performance
  • Our consultative and tailored approach works – we have assisted schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide to resolve issues with senior leaders
  • We have assisted our clients to clarify their position pertaining to challenging staff issues
  • We have been appointed to counsel and coach Principals and Boards in the process of dismissing staff

Our points of difference

  • We bring to you over 30 years of experience managing and leading education staff in the non- government education sector
  • We advise, not just from a consultancy perspective, but with an intimate understanding of the non- government education sector
  • We recognise that different approaches will be required in different circumstances – as such we tailor our core processes to meet your specific needs
  • We have an alliance with one of Australia’s leading law firms, allowing us to offer relevant legal advice based on the specific details of your circumstance
  • We bring a non-emotive view to difficult senior staff situations and offer objective expert advice guiding you towards appropriate resolutions and recommendations