Interim Management

Lyngcoln Consulting offers an Interim Management service to the non-government education sector. We provide experienced education specialists to schools on a short-term basis in periods of transition, uncertainty or potential crisis. We recognise the importance of momentum in a competitive environment and understand the need to maintain confidence within the School community whilst it is in a time of transition or change. Typically our clients require this service when there is a delayed start for an executive appointee or where School Boards need an interim solution for an executive level position.

Our interim Principals/Heads and other executive level staff, including Business Managers, temporarily assume the role associated with the vacancy and these Associates immediately integrate into the operation of the School; we bring experienced leadership to ensure stability. Our Associates can, if required, lead turnaround solutions, effect change and are fully accountable for outcomes whilst they are with you.

Our approach

As with any assignment we undertake, we work with you to clarify your requirements and expectations. We run an important clarification exercise to identify your needs and to understand your goals for the period of the engagement. Once we are clear on the key role requirements and the cultural “climate”, we will present you with our proposed Associate(s) for consideration. We take into account many aspects including relevant credentials and leadership style, the “fit” for your school and the ability of our Associate to engender a strong sense of trust and confidence in your school community during a transition phase.

We do not take the responsibility of Interim Management lightly – we communicate with you throughout the assignment to ensure the meeting of objectives and key milestone achievements and to constantly monitor performance and gain feedback. Once your permanent appointee is ready to commence, we provide a draft transition template for consideration by the Board and can assist with that transition as required.

Our approach is grounded in a comprehensive understanding of the non-government education sector built from years of experience in the industry ourselves. Our Associates have specialist expertise and an intrinsic understanding of the challenges of school leadership.

Our track record

  • We have provided advice on the value of Interim Management services to our clients and have suggested relevant personnel who may be able to meet an urgent need
  • Our Associates have provided stability and confidence to our clients in periods of transition
  • With a proven background in the non-government education sector, our Associates have assisted our clients to achieve targeted, practical outcomes

Our points of difference

  • With Lyngcoln Consulting you are in experienced hands; our Interim Managers have extensive proven experience in leadership roles in the non-government education sector
  • Our Associates display professionalism and maturity and perform reliably to meet targets of the engagement
  • We know you sometimes need a solution immediately – we are able to get qualified, accountable, proven Associates/Interim Managers in place quickly
  • With extensive industry experience, our Interim Managers are able to quickly contribute to the School’s smooth continuation in the areas of staff morale and the maintenance of confidence within the School community
  • We offer flexibility – we can meet your requirements in a number of ways; we can provide you with full time, part time or “day a week” solutions depending on your needs
  • Our Interim Managers have access to an experienced network of other education sector specialists

To learn more about our expertise in this area or to request a detailed Interim Management brochure, please contact Neville Lyngcoln via