Executive Recruitment

Lyngcoln Consulting undertakes Executive Recruitment services for our clients in the non-government education sector. We specialise in the recruitment of Principals/Heads and leadership teams including Deputy Principals, Heads of School and Business Managers in schools. We assist with the identification of senior staff for other education related organisations.

Combining the experience and expertise of a team of leading Principals in Australia with a search and recruitment consulting capability, we bring a new approach to the identification, placement and growth of leadership talent within the non-government sector. We have developed exceptional networks of senior, experienced leaders within the education sector and can access the current marketplace with confidence and professionalism.

The decision to appoint a new leader in your school is arguably the most important decision that a Board or a Principal will make. More recently there has been a trend to outsource, in part or fully, this recruitment process. Our first hand experience ensures our understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of school leadership and management. This knowledge and expertise enables us to bring significant value to you as your recruitment partner.

We offer customised recruitment solutions incorporating:

  • Executive Search
  • Advertising
  • Access to our extensive database
  • Input from our extensive educational leadership talent network


Our approach

Our approach to recruitment is rigorous and client centric. In our experience the conduct of an assignment and the needs of the client go through different phases which demand alternative strategies, resources, time and focus. Our recruitment process reflects these and provides the framework for action in each assignment we conduct.

We work with you to identify educational leaders who have a proven track record of success with drive, creativity and energy; leaders who strengthen and enrich relationships within a school community and can make a long term commitment to you and your school. We partner with you to appoint leaders who embrace, nurture and develop the ethos and values of your school.

In our experience no two schools are the same. We undertake a detailed clarification exercise with you before commencing any Executive Recruitment assignment to ensure we are sourcing the right leader for your school. Our clients have indicated openly that our clarification exercise has been one of the most valuable and insightful aspects of the recruitment process. This facilitated and structured approach engages your Board, Selection Committee or key stakeholders in a review of key areas that shape your school. It assists in identifying the attributes that the new leader will need to bring to enable the achievement of important gains within those areas of importance to your school. As such it is through a process of assessment and dialogue around questions of strategic focus, operational priorities, team leadership and commercial management that a robust discussion is encouraged and consensus built, together with a profile of the preferred candidate personal qualities. The outcomes of this process inform the design of the Position Description, Candidate Profile and Employee Value Proposition. The process underpins our tailored methodology of search and selection, advocacy, candidate management and client support to ensure a highly successful process and outcome for your school.

The diagram below outlines our approach. The methodology alone, whilst rigorous, will not ensure the right appointment; however, combined with our extensive industry knowledge and the “reach” our network provides, we confidently present you with fully qualified education leaders for consideration.

Executive Recruitment-arrow

Our points of difference

  • Our recruitment approach is strengthened by our significant experience within the education sector; we know what is required in the recruitment process to identify exceptional educational leaders
  • Our candidate qualification process is strengthened by our understanding of the dynamics and mechanics of school leadership and management
  • Our comprehensive approach combined with our maturity and expertise ensure we present exceptional, well qualified educational leaders for your consideration
  • We have established extensive education sector networks across Australia, New Zealand and specific overseas markets, with current and past Principals/Heads and other senior staff, allowing us to identify and qualify leadership talent