Market Expertise

Lyngcoln Consulting is a specialised consultancy offering an executive level recruitment service as well as consultancy services to schools within the non government education sector. The company has comprehensive practical experience in the industry – the Principal Consultant has previously served in the sector for some thirty years. He, along with his team of Associates have:

  • An in depth knowledge and currency of experience in leading and managing independent schools. As a result we have a unique appreciation of the context, challenges, culture and tradition within the sector
  • Detailed knowledge of the education market with experience working in the area of governance and strategy, including roles as external consultant and Chair of Board to peak educational bodies across the sector
  • A demonstrated track record of working with Boards and Principals in achieving superior appointments across the leadership spectrum across Australia
  • Comprehensive networks and connections across Australia and New Zealand with current and past Principals to identify and qualify talent
  • Networks to target talent based in specific overseas market
  • Excellent connections into State and Federal Government and to State and National Peak educational bodies
  • Robust methodologies and well structured systems for the management of each client assignment that ensure a high quality service that is underpinned by a deep understanding of our responsibility as your advocate in the market
  • Broad based strategic, organisational and facilitation services tailored to the non government sector that support the development of school strategy and structures, functional assessments, performance optimization and senior staff appraisal